Sunday, October 9, 2016

Announcement!! I'm Pregnant. How to get your body ready for pregnancy?

Hey guys,

Yes we are blessed with a baby in the womb, and I'll make a separate blogpost about my pregnancy journey in the near future.

So I'll be starting a new pregnancy series, ways to relax during pregnancy, Issues and problems women face during pregnancy, How to prepare your husband for fatherhood? How to write your birth plan? and other topics.

This blog post is dedicated to the stage before you get pregnant, once you take the decision you want to try for a baby then there are a few steps you need to consider.

I give you 5 tips to put you on the right path to hopefully have a healthy and fun pregnancy.

     1.  Make activity a part of your day.

Working out during pregnancy is much easier if you started before you get pregnant. Find exercises 

that you enjoy and do them often, even if it was as simple as walking several times a week as long as you stick to it.

     2. Eat healthier.

 Start making better choices, ditch the bad eating habits. You'll start to see the difference in energy levels and the other benefits of eating clean. When you crave sweets when you're pregnant you'll know the better choices you have instead of reaching for those cookies.

     3. Clean up your act.

Clear out all those unhealthy habits:
- Toss the cigarette and quit smoking.
- Lay off the alcohol.
- Avoid high mercury fish.
- Watch your beauty products and search for chemicals to avoid.

    4. Talk to your doctor.

Talk to your health care providers about your plans to conceive, it's a good idea to keep them informed because they may have additional helpful sources for you.

     5. Don't forget the daddy.

Men need to take care of their bodies too. Many of these lifestyle changes listed HERE
will help you get healthy bodies and brains before fatherhood.

Hopefully these tips are informative and helpful for you. If you're trying to conceive my wishes and prays are with you.

Please don't forget to leave me comment down below about the topics you like me to cover in these series.