Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly and Yearly Deep Cleaning Tips and Tricks with Free printable Checklists.

Hey guys,

This is a new post in my cleaning series where I share with you my tips and tricks when it comes to deep cleaning and weekly cleaning, plus I give you free printable of weekly cleaning checklist and a yearly deep cleaning checklist.

So to get yourself in the deep cleaning mode or even everyday cleaning I will give you a few tips and tricks to help you on your journey of cleaning.


1. Start from inside-out: Start from the inside of the room and work your way out through to the door.

2. Play music and set on an update music list.

3. Clean one room at a time.

4. Set a time frame for each task and make sure you give yourself enough time to acomplish all you have planned.

5. Gather all the supplies and equipment before you begin.

6. Gather boxes and bags for decluttring.

Supplies you may need:

Floor mop                                  Microfiber mitt                                     Window Combi-squeegee
Dish soap                                  Old toothbrush to scrub around drains, faucent, tub jets, etc...
Glass cleaner                            Multi-degreaser                                      Arm length rubber gloves
4 Gallon bucket                        Backing soda                                          Lint roller
Multi purpose cleaner              Wood cleaner                                         Bathroom cleaner
Slim duster                               Laundry detergent

So to end this post I will provide you with color coded cleaning checklists that are very detailed and clear.

Yearly deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning room by room

Daily chores list