Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Hide First Trimester Baby Bump!

Hey girls,

Pregnancy is the magical time of any girl's life, and keeping it secret won't work on the long run, remember the hormones will make you bloated and make your stomach muscles to loosen up and that will make you look like you've gained a couple of pounds.

If you're trying to hide your pregnancy from your employer or family and friends then I'll give you some Ideas on how to hide your baby bump through your first trimester. It's more difficult to hide your baby bump past your fourth month.

1. Accessories:

- Big scarf: Drew the attention away to your neck also cover your belly.

- Big Handbag: It can be a great obstacle that keep your belly hidden, get used to it; you'll need it once your baby arrives.

2. Colors:

- Wear a dark color around your belly area and a bright color around your face.

- All black: Black is really slimming and a great way to disguise the baby bump.

3. Shape:

- Loose tops around the belly area is key, just don't forget to pair it with fitted bottom.

- Wearing low cut neckline also helps, drawing attention away from your mid-section .

- Draped dresses or tops can hep conceal your growing belly.

4. Cover up:

- Blazer: A great way to cover your belly is a blazer. If you hate the boxy look of a blazer and you like the more fitted ones, just remember to get one that flairs out.

- Long cardigans: Pair a plain top with a cardigan to hide your belly. It works.

5. Patterns:

- Loose fitting patterned tops or dresses are a great way to camouflage a bump. Combine with leggings or dark jeans and flats for a great casual look.

6. Transition belly belt: To help you transition from regular jeans and pants to your maternity pants, you'll be able to wear your normal pants for longer and look less suspicious, no one will notice.

You can always DIY your own, It's easy all you need is a piece of fabric and a button, Make some slots and you are good to go.

I hope you found these tips helpful, being pregnant is an amazing time you don't have to hide your belly, just wear it with pride and remember that you're bringing another human being into this world.

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