Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saving money all year long

Hey guys,

Since we are at beginning of 2016 I thought I would provide you with a cheat sheet of saving money and make smart buying choices all year long, month by month, what are the deals and tips and tricks to spend money in a smart way. So mark your calendars and get the best deals on stuff you need.

January: Start the year with clean sheets. Score liners and towels at the discount during January's White sales.

February: Stock up on winter cloths, coats, and now boots which go on sale now, to make room in the stores for the spring cloths in March.

March: Small electronics like digital cameras from last year are cheaper in March because this year's models are usually just hitting stores.

April: You can typically find deals on cook wear and other household items because retailers discount them for the Wedding-gift crowd.

May: Yard sales and flea markets are held all year-round, but they really get into full swing when the weather gets nicer in May.

June: Look for deals on gym memberships during the summer months, when people start flocking outside to exercise.

July: Retailers use July forth ( and every holiday for that matter ) as an excuse to hold big sales on everything from cars to carpets. Take advantage.

August: Most summer gear goes on sale to make way for the fall items. Buy grills, air conditioning units, and summer cloths.

September: These days you can find  back to school items on sale, not just school supplies, but you can get a new computer for a very good deal.

October: New home appliances are usually introduced in the fall time, so it's a good time to buy that new dishwasher you've been wanting, since home appliances don't change that drastically in from year to year.

November: Holiday sales are starting earlier and earlier. Score a bargain this month on gift items such as toys and flat-screen TVs.

December: The week after Christmas is the best to get seasonal items at a super deep discount. Buy next year holiday wrapping paper, ornaments, and decorations now.

So time your purchases right and save money all year long with this handy cheat sheet.

I hope this information have been useful, and please tell me down below if you've been shopping this way consciously on non-consciously.


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