Monday, March 14, 2016

Office Cleaning

Hey guys,

A clean office makes for a clear head, but who has time to organize with your workload? Setting up systems and sticking to them allows you to work smarter while you work harder. It also gives the impression that you're on top of things. Who wants to leave them standing there while you shuffle through mounds of paperwork to find the one file folder they need?

Here are my five steps to organize your office.

1. Make a Plan.

As with any large project, making a plan is essential to achieving success when it comes to office cleaning. For best results, business men and women should start by identifying what items need to be cleaned, how often they should be cleaned, and where everything should go?

Try to write it down so you don't forget, or at least have headnotes just in case the ideas got lost in your head.

2.  Declutter and separate.

  • Get Rid of Old Papers.

        Chances are many of those papers piled high on your desk aren’t of any value to you. As you begin to sort through your stack of papers, begin asking yourself: Do I need this? Why? Where will I look for it when I need it? Then, create a filing system that best fits your needs, and make a point to file future printouts as they are created to keep the problem from reoccurring.

  • Separate Business and Pleasure

 Regardless of where you do the bulk of your work, it’s important to keep distractions at bay. Keep a home office free of distraction by having a designated mail location away from your office space, and encouraging family members to keep the area free of toys, tech gadgets, and anything else that might invite lost time and inefficiency to sneak into your day.

  • Keep Supplies and Often-Used Items Separate

 Daily-use items that you’ll likely need throughout the course of a day, like your laptop, pens, planner, and Post-It Notes, all deserve a spot on your desk. Other items, such as tape, stapler, paper clips, and envelopes, should be neatly stored inside your desk. This keeps less-frequently-used items from taking up valuable desk real estate, but ensures that they are easily accessible.

  • Organize Your Computer

 When your favorite desktop background starts getting obscured with icons, it’s time to de-clutter your virtual desktop. File away documents that you’ll need again, and send everything else off to the virtual recycle bin. Not only will you have a much more attractive looking desktop screen, but you will save countless hours searching for your important documents.

  • Slow Down

 One of the biggest pitfalls to organization is finding the time. Invest the time to properly organize your space, so files, supplies, and other items are in an intuitive, easy-to-find place. Once you’ve established a system that works for you, stick to it! Spending a few seconds to return items to a designated spot will help you save lots of time in the long run.

3. Clean.

A clean office is vital to the running of a business. It improves productivity, because all items are organized and in their rightful place. It improves creativity and focus.

  • Keep a closet or basket fully stocked with all of your office cleaning essentials (glass cleaner, dusting spray, microfiber wipes, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, etc).

  • Give every item in your office a place and keep it there. If you have trouble remembering where things are, label the storage locations.

  • Clean your office phone frequently by spraying cleaner onto a cloth and wiping that on your phone. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the dial pad.

  • Take out the trash frequently and vacuum frequently in areas that people eat. This will help keep the bugs at bay.

  • Remember to clean behind your furniture as well. That strip of dust and dirt behind your desk betrays an otherwise clean and tidy office.
Please check this free printable office cleaning checklist to help you figure out what you want to clean.

4. Organize.

There are many ways and tools to help you organize you office space, here are a few that are essential and affordable:

Binders: If you have piles of papers everywhere, it's probably best to use binder organizers to keep papers from stacking everywhere.

Keyboard organizersIf you don't have a convenient storage space at your disk this keyboard organizer will help you keep your desk clean and tidy.

Card organizers: If you're like me and have a ton of business cards laying around the office then you need a good card holder or go the extra mile and invest in a good rotary business card organizer.

Desk organizer: You need a place to sort your mail, pending documents, etc. 

Files organizer: Stash your files and bills in a cute file tote.

Drawer organizer: Use drawer trays to organize Utensils, Tools, Crafting supplies or Vanity stuff.

5. Keep it organized.

  • File As You Go

One of the biggest office offenders is piles of paper -- on your desk, on your shelves, and eventually on your floor. It's easy to get busy and start stacking papers to file for later, but before you know it, you have a task that's too big to tackle. The key is to process papers as you go. Set up a system of trays or file folders that are clearly labeled and make it a habit to use them. The same goes for your computer desktop.

  • Create two zones

Not all work is created equal. You should approach office organization with this two-zone perspective.

Zone 1: Computer work. This is your traditional desktop. You spend most of your time here, knocking stuff out and getting things done.

Zone 2: Non-computer work. This is where you go to do non-computer stuff. It could be the same desk, but simply another area that is cleared of monitors, cords, and chargers. This is where you go when you thumb through documents, use your iPad, sign papers, scan documents, or stamp envelopes.

  • Reboot Your Office Every Evening.
No matter how clean you keep your workspace, it's going to get messy during the day. That's okay, that means you're working! It's when you keep it messy that things start to become a problem. To make sure this doesn't happen, clean off your desk every evening. All it takes is 5 or 10 minutes to straighten things up, and you'll come to a clean desk every morning, ready to work.

Finally I hope you found this post helpful, it took me a long time to write and search for links that might be helpful for you.

Tell me your favorite strategy to clean and organize your office, and don't forget to spread the word with your friends and family. Thanks.


  1. These are fantastic tips, I really need to go through and organize my computer better. I have photos and documents everywhere and everytime I go to work on organizing them I get overwhelmed! I need to just bite the bullet and get it done! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. You just need to get it done, once you put your mind into it, it becomes a piece of cake.

  2. Ok, I have always have a problem cleaning my office. After reading this post, one thing is very clear. Cleaning is about planning and organizing the hows of doing so.

    I guess there are times when I am simply overwhelmed and doing this step by step makes it less intimidating.

    1. I feel you, please do the steps and I guarantee you will do some progress.

  3. These are some good tips! I agree with you 110% that a clean office makes for a more productive working environment. I cannot handle the clutter! This person 2 cubes down from me has sh*t EVERYWHERE. She claims it is so someone won't squat at her desk when she's not around, but sometimes I wonder...

    1. Heheheh!! The clutter of others makes me anxious too.

  4. It is true organizing things beforehand allows you to do things quicker in the long run and enables you to be more productive.

  5. Nice post and yes very helpful.. A little planning goes a long way..


  6. I just finished recently of getting rid of all the cables I had on my desk. That was a hard job. I still have a few but my desk looks so much better now and it feels so much better to work there.

    1. Cables are a pain in the butt, please try theses cable organizers, they are life savors.

  7. My office is also doubles as my walk in closet... I am terrible at keeping it tidy. I like your idea of breaking it down into task. I find that I go in there to organize and then just give up because I dont' know where to start.

  8. I My studying area is always messy by the end of every week! I even had stuff lost and found!! When I start to clean it I do strange things lead to create more mess! I will try your tips thanks xx

    Gigi |¤

    1. You are so welcome, please fill me in if these tips will work for you, I hope so.

  9. Such a good post. I LOVE cleaning. My fiancé can't understand why. I just love getting rid of things to make room for new things, haha.

    Ami xxx

    1. Amen... I looove decluttering, and it became an addiction.

  10. Good for office working messy people..
    Mini noms

  11. I really needed a post like this. My office is never organised. I need to follow your tips you are indeed more productive when your space is nice and organized.

    1. Thank you dear, I'm so glad you loved the post.

  12. 100% agree Aseel - every Friday evening before I leave work, I dump paperwork I no longer need, clean and tidy my desk. It makes getting started again on Monday morning SO much easier.

    1. Amen, I've been using these tips for so long, I feel every time I do declutter my office I become more productive.

  13. Ugh I needed to read this! My office area is constantly a mess ha ha thank you for the tips! xo

    1. You are welcome, please do follow these tips, they will work wonders for you just like they worked wonders for me.