Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fun Quiz: How will you die on 'The Walking Dead'?

Hey guys,

The walking dead is my all time favorite TV show, I've finished watching the five seasons of it in a week, and I can't even wait for the season six to come out in February.

So I thought to myself it would be fun to have 'The Walking Dead' fun quiz, I went online and searched fun quizzes regarding the show and came across an interesting one called "How will you die on 'The Walking Dead'?" You can find it here Try it for yourself and tell me your result.

The quiz has thirteen questions and you answer them in order to figure out the way you'll die, heheheheh. My answers are in red. The question were:

- Do you know how to start a fire without matches?
  1.  I can't  even start one with matches.
  2. I could probably get one started eventually.
  3. No matches? No problem.
  4. Starting fires is my favorite pastime.
- Have you  ever been in a physical fight?
  1. Not even once.
  2. A couple of times, as a kid.
  3. Every now and then.
  4. All day, everyday.
- How long do you think you could go without food?
  1. Five to ten days.
  2. A few days, if necessary.
  3. Twenty four hours.
  4. Five to ten minutes.
- If you were thirsty and found a lake, would you drink the water?
  1. Why not.
  2. If it was an emergency.
  3. only if there was a way to clean the water.
  4. No standing water is going in my mouth.
- Have you ever fired a gun?
  1. Never on purpose.
  2. Yes, Oh, a real gun? No.
  3. I regularly hit the shooting range.
  4. Yes, of course.
- Do you know how to fish?
  1. H have no idea.
  2. I'd learn, if it wasn't so boring.
  3. I know the basics.
  4. I'm an expert.
- How fast are  you?
  1. Very fast.
  2. I'm pretty fast when I need to be.
  3. I'm only fast for a very short distance.
  4. I'm as slow as they come.
- Have you ever owned a pet?
  1. I had a dog growing up.
  2. I have a cat/dog.
  3. I have a cat and a dog.
  4. I have a cat, a dog, a hamster, a parrot, ....
- Would you consider yourself charismatic?
  1.  I'm really charismatic.
  2. A little? Maybe? I'm not sure.
  3. No. H have no charisma.
- Have you ever shot a bow and arrow?
  1. Just to get my archery badge in scouts.
  2. Yes, I'm a natural.
  3. I was born in internet time, so no.
 - Do you consider yourself as clumsy?
  1. Extremely.
  2. Maybe in the dark.
  3. I'm like  act.
  4. No, I'm basically a tightrope walker.
- Do you make friends easily?
  1. Yeah, I got lots of friends.
  2. Do you mean Facebook friends.
  3. No, but I have some good friends.
  4. No, not at all.
- How old are you?
  1. 0 - 12 years old.
  2. 13 - 18 years old.
  3. 19 - 25 years old.
  4. 26 - 39 years old.
  5. 40 - 64 years old.
  6. 65+ years old.
Then your result is calculated, and they give you a piece of advise too, which is a little helpful. Mine was as follow:
You're going to die by getting torn apart by a walker herd. This is probably the worst way to go, and, like many walking dead extras, it is likely what you'll fall victim to. Maybe try to improve your survival skills, and work on finding a good group of friends to keep you safe because, hey, even the governor doesn't deserve this fate.

 So here you go, this was my result.

Are you a walking Dead fan? please comment bellow, and I'll talk to you later.

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