Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Shopping tips

Hey guys,

         Today things will get real, we will talk about shopping.
Shopping runs in our blood as ladies, it's our sport. Despite it's bad influence on our wallet it has very beneficial effects on our health, we use it as a platform to distress and breath away from the difficulties of life and the hectic lifestyle we go through.

Here are my top ten shopping tips, how to shop while saving money and effort.

1. Don't wait to go shopping until you have to:

         Every once and a while we go out for a walk in the city or a drive around maybe, and you notice the windows of shops and you say "Wow this is really nice I have to get it", don't think act, buy it now if you think you'll need it in the near future, and on the day of an occasion you will thank your past self for buying it then just because you don't have the time or the resources to buy it now.

2. Shop with a list:

          It's probably my no. 1 tip, I do my grocery shopping with my grocery list, same with cloths. It's crucial to have an idea about what you're going to bring home before hand, if you don't want to write it down at least have a rough idea about what are you missing or what you want. Open your closet, look around, see what you need, let's say you need a white top, a black pants, a gray scarf and a red lipstick. Once you're in the mall you will not be looking for the imaginary pink elephant, and will be spending less money on thing  you already have or don't need.

3. Take a trusted friend:

           It's very important to have a shopping partner that you can trust and on the same page as you. Remember your friend will be giving you feedback, ideas, directions and an extra eye for what's good and what's great. Don't take someone who loves to spend time looking around tens of shops and will probably go home with nothing or everything. So choose you partner wisely.

4. Set a time frame:

           Malls are time consuming, we all know that, don't fall for it. Say you want to spend two hours in the mall, you go in and time yourself, and by the end of your time frame you should be done. Look at your watch a lot and try to achieve you goals, and here where comes the good shopping partner. Remember TIME MANAGEMENT is key.

5. Ask do I need it?

           The list is very important to know if you need it or not, but let's say that you were not planning to go shopping and you just found yourself in the mall ask yourself "Do I need it?" a lot in every store and for every item to consider.

6. Don't buy it just because it's on sale:

           Sometimes stores will make you go in just because they have a big red sign on the door saying "Up to 70% SALE". You are not obligated to buy stuff just because their on sale, if you need it then it's a plus to have it on sale. So ask yourself if you need it, if the answer is YES buy it. Simple!

7. Try it on before you buy it:

           We go home after shopping tired, we through the bags on the bedroom floor and we never remember to even take the cloths out of the bags let alone try them on, after three or four days we try them on and they are not anything like what we hoped, then it's too late to return them.

Always try the items in the store, cloths don't look the same on, try everything that catches your eye.

8. Pay with cash:

            Don't use your credit card while paying for your cloths, it's very hard to keep track of what you're spending if your paying for it virtually. Always use cash to keep track. Start with a specific amount of money and try to stick to it.

9. Negotiate when possible:

            Shops have a margin of profit on every items that is between 20% to 30% and that is more than enough to give them flexibility to go down a little bit with the price for you, just be polite and try not to bather them.

10. Online shopping:

            If you’re buying online, make sure to check coupon sites like RetailMeNot, to see if there are any discount codes that might apply to your purchase, and chick the sizes twice before you order.

These are my top ten tips for a smart shopper, try them because they've always worked for me, and I'll talk to you soon.


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