Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to save $7897/year?

Hay guys,

So the ultimate question of all times is how to save money every day?

I'll be telling you some hacks and tips on how you can save money everyday and cut a great amount of money that goes out of your wallet annually.

  • Save money on the cost of caffeine.
Brew at home and save $946/year. That's 91% cheaper than buying coffee.

  • Dry clean: Time to wear.
Do it yourself and save $133/year. That's 89% cheaper than the dry cleaner.

  • It's always cool to carpool.
Ride together and save $988/year. That's 75% cheaper than driving.

  • Have to forage to pay the mortgage?
Refinance and save up to $3156/year. That's 16% cheaper

  • Washing in hot is costing a lot.
Wash cold saves $87/year. That's 93% cheaper than washing hot.

  • Does the gym leave your wallet slim?
Exercise at home and save $520/year. That's 79% cheaper than the gym.

  • Cost to smoke will leave you broke.
Quit smoking and save $708/year. That's 66% cheaper than smoking.

  • Is eating lunch costing you a bunch?
Eat in and save $1144/year. That's 60% cheaper than eating out.

  • Stop being coddled by bottled water.
Buying home filter and save $205/year.

These were nine money saving tips to help you collect the extra money at the end of the year. Follow these tips and save $7897. Remember it's never too late to start saving money.

I hope these tips were helpful and valuable, Because you can't put a price tag on a piece of advice. Please tell me what was your favorite tip, and what is your personal tip on saving money?


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