Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Homs, under the rubble... Till when?

Hey guys,

Before I start I need to put a disclaimer out there, there will be very harsh and graphic photos of Homs, Syria at the end of this blog, so please if your heart isn't strong enough don't keep on reading.

So it's the fifth anniversary of what they called the Arabic Spring. It all started in the late 2010 when the Arabic world started to speak out, and fight their way to freedom of choice. Some survived and some didn't, but all around we all lost something valuable.

Then ISIS came out to the picture, and shattered every stereotype image we had before on terrorism and sent it to hell... A new era of insanity have emerged, and the sight of blood became a normal thing around here, we lost our humanity and became monsters...

I used to have a very soft heart and suddenly I'm not the same I used to be.

The only losers were the people.

That's a very hard thing to say. Millions were evacuated, hundreds of thousands are refugees around the globe, and much more where killed for no reason only for being vulnerable and week and the only weapon they had was faith to fight the big powers.

Iraq and Syria were under the fire of the mighty powers of the great big world day and night for the past five years non stop, cities were destroyed to the ground, families vanished and everything we used to know is never the same.

I know this may be harsh to you but it all came out from the heart, and I hope it will fall in the hearts of you as well.

We have heard and seen enough, and we can't take it anymore. We became the amusement and the new favorite toy of the big powers and it doesn't feel good. It is a crazy battle field were America and it's allies, and Russia and it's allies have a big space to impose their control, and show off their new weapons. It's a gameplay, nothing more.

If the war on Syria continued for a year or so Bashar Al Assad will have no one to rule any more, and it's just sad, so sad and heart breaking. STOP IT!!

Please pray for those who have been evicted and expelled from their homes and homeland, pray for the souls of those who have been murdered with cold blood and pure cruelty, and for those who have fallen victims to the greater and mighty powers of  evil.

Again please pardon the cruelty of the images you're about to see, it is just the truth, what happens to humans, people, poor souls here. Keep them in your prayers and pray for the big powers that move this puppet show to put some sense back in their hearts and minds and stop this.

My final words WAKE UP WORLD.

Tell me your thoughts down below.



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