Saturday, February 6, 2016

Office lookbook

Hey ladies,

If you work at an office you know the struggle to choose an outfit everyday that doesn't break the code... Tell me about it.

So I would love to help you with a few office outfit ideas and tips to do to stay fashionable and stay away from boring.

1. The classic look never grows old.

The classic office outfit is a great idea when you don't have the time or the energy to put an amazing outfit, so think classic, just put a little twist on it. Enjoy the colors that your closet has to offer.

A colorful blazer would be a great idea.

2. Simple and feminine.

Think simple, that's the rule of thumb. You're going to work, you're outfit has to be comfortable and not restricting.

Flats and pants are so adorable and feminine, with a simple cute top and you have a simple and great range of outfits that you can pull out of your closet effortlessly.

3. The dress.

Dresses are classical office outfit ideas, you just need to pick the right dress, a knee length dress or with short dresses a dark pair of leggings underneath will do the trick, and remember play with color and don't be shy to experiment.

4. Denim is OKAY.

The know how is a powerful tool, what works with what and how to put an office-friendly outfit together is very important. Go for a denim pencil skirt with a cute blazer, or a denim jeans with a denim vest and a white button up, double denim is fashionable too.

5. The casual look.

You can rock the casual look to work you know!! You just need to know what to choose. A cute top and flats, and if your top is kind of short wear a long tank top under it with a cute color that match the scheme and you're good to go.

6. Black on black.

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Try to chose the same shade of black all around and enjoy it, there is nothing much to say.

Finally remember your closet has a great potential, you just need to work out your fashion skills. A great concept of putting outfits together is "Shopping your closet" it means that you need to go deep to the back of your closet to find the top that you never wore or that pants you only wore once and try to incorporate them with pieces you love to wear all the time, another great way to change up the look of an outfit is accessories, invest in nice statement pieces like necklaces and pairs of earing.

Another tip is to look for inspiration, an amazing source of inspiration is
Go check my fashion boards Aseel's Everyday Life . Follow my boards for new outfit ideas.

What's your favorite office outfit ideas?

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