Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday's story: A girl hugged my husband

Hey guy,

Today is Sunday and it's that day of the week where I tell you a story that happened to me, a real story.

One day we went out to a pub downtown with some friends, and we were having so much fun, drinking, laughing and playing around, suddenly a cute girl came to our table and hugged one of our friends who worked as a flight attendant, so we thought he knew her or something.

Then she asked another friend of ours who is married "Do you want some positive energy?" - She asked. He didn't understand what she meant, so he was like "Sorry, what do you mean?"

His wife was giving the poor girl the looks, she wanted to kill her. Anyways, the girl wanted to hug our friend and give him some positive energy.

Our friend said "No...No, I don't want anything from you!!"

So the girl went to the table next to us and asked them the same. We knew then that she was sooo drunk she wasn't aware of what she was doing.

I called for her, when she came she asked my husband if he wanted some positive energy, Enad said "Noooo, go away!!" he was afraid that I would be jealous or mad or something. I was Okay with it of course, She came and hugged me and my husband and another friend of ours and left.

Everyone was like" How did you let him hug her?" Well, first she was cute, and she had a very nice hug, so why not.

Believe it or not, when she left everyone was feeling positive and happy.

We had a very nice and fun night, and drank a lot and decided to go home. We were waiting for the valet to bring our car, the same girl was giving positive energy and free hugs to the cars brought by the valet guys, it was hilarious. Till this day we still bring that girl up whenever we wanted to laugh.

So if some girl wanted to give your husband free hugs let her, everyone will feel good about it.

What do you think about this girl? Tell down below.


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