Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Decluttering with Aseel

Hey guts,

I've started a new series on my blog to start decluttering and cleaning the house, the car and the office.

Maybe you may not think you have much to declutter, but you do. I do. I went into working on this post thinking that I didn't have much left to declutter -- but, boy was I wrong! Maybe you have SO much you don't know where to start. So, follow along and you'll soon discover the joy of decluttering -- just be careful because you could feel the exhilarating freedom of getting rid of stuff you really don't need!

The first step is to ask yourself 10 question about each item, it may take time, that's why at the end I'm going to give a schedule to declutter your entire house, so bare with me.

Once you are done with the questions, you move on to the challenge.

It's the (30 bags in 30 Days challenge)

You only need to follow along and your house will be decluttered completely in 30 days, how easy and simple.

When you're done you'll feel a relief like no other, and your house will look more spacious.

Please tell me if there are any special topics you want me to cover on this series down below. Thank you!

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