Monday, March 28, 2016

March's Lifestyle Favorite.

Hey guys,

I can't believe March is about to end, it's amazing how fast the months are going by.

A lot has happened this month, good stuff happened, I could never be happier, and among the things I enjoyed are this month's lifestyle favorite.


Slim-fit Lizzy Mango dark jeans. Why? They're the most comfortable pair of Jeans I've wore in a long time, they're the perfect color that goes with everything, and they're slim fit, so they elongate your legs like nothing else. They're just perfect, but an old model and they discontinued the production of it.

Black Converse. Again it goes with everything and very comfortable. There is no reason why it shouldn't make it to the list.

Tory Burch crossbody bag. It's compact, affordable, cute and it does what is asked of it. Black and petite, and easy to grab and go. It fits my cellphone, money, cards, tissue paper and my lip balm, everything I need.


Inglot Hd foundation. I think I should do a complete review on this foundation, it's my holly grail of
 foundations. It never looks cakey and goes on very smoothly.

Inglot concealer. Same as  the foundation, I swear by it. It's high coverage and thick, but once you set it with powder you forget you're wearing makeup. Amazing.


SINNLIG for Ikea. I've been burning it constantly this past month, it smells incredible and fills the whole house with the amazing scent of Apples, It screams spring, plus the color the amazing.


Spinach. Anything spinach, raw, cooked, shredded, or whole. My favorite recipes are the Mini Spanakopita Triangles Recipe, these are amazing Greek spinach pies, and fresh spinach salads.


Twinfish OAT choco bars. These are amazing, I've been a fan of oat since I was a baby, but these oat bars are nothing like anything I've tasted before. Plus they're Vegan.


Cooking Fever. Addictive, time consuming , and super fun. Try it. It's FREE on android.


Backtrack. A horror movie - which I'm a fan of - Tells the story of a psychiatrist who has lost his daughter in a car accident, and has been hunted by her memory for the past year, until one day a weird girl comes into his office and reminds him of his deceased daughter, who will change his life for ever.


This past month I've been listening to a playlist of songs on my Youtube channel, and they're are all pop songs that are romantic and touching, some are in English and some are in French but as equally as romantic and beautiful.

So, I hope you enjoyed this month's lifestyle favorite.

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    1. Thanks for checking it.
      Are these your blogs?

  2. The foundation looks nice. I haven't heard of the brand before. And the vegan bar sounds pretty good. Thank you! Great post.


    1. Thanks dear.
      The brand of the foundation is German and it's amazing quality, in the same league as MAC studio fix foundations.
      The Oat bars are so delicious.

  3. Awesome post :D
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks dear.
      Of course I would love the follow, and I will follow you back.