Friday, April 1, 2016

Shower Routine

Hey guys,

I  guess we all mastered the 3-minutes showers, where you're in and out, and you feel clean. It's more than just practicing good hygiene, it's all about establishing a routine to make sure your hair will be shiny and skin will be glowing when you're done.

Creating your routine will involve using quality products that will make you feel clean without harming and drying your skin or hair by the water and chemicals.

I want to share my shower and hair care routine with you, the products I use, how do I take showers, and some tips and tricks to master the shower routine.

Tips and tricks for the best showering experience:
  1. Make sure that you know your hair type to use the best products for your hair, lets say oily hair needs a different products than normal hair or dry hair.
  2. Brush your hair before to detangle it to reduce the breakage in the shower.
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo to make sure you loosened the oil particles.
  4. When conditioning your hair, only put the conditioner on the bottom half of your head just below your ears, this is the part of hair that's dry and needs the attention, putting conditioner on the roots of your hair will actually make your hair go greasy faster.
  5. Be smart when it comes to shaving, always do it last, when your body hair is soft and your skin is prepped, don't do it at the begging to avoid razor cuts and rashes.
  6. Rinse your hair and face with cool water at the end to make sure you closed the open pores so that you won't clog them with products you use once you get out of the shower. 

Every shower routine starts before you get into the shower, what you use in the shower? and what you use once you're out of the shower?

Before Shower:

  • Brush your hair before you go into the shower to minimize breakage. Your hair is the weakest when it's damped, brushing it before hand make it easer to brush it after, sometimes I just use my fingers to brush through my hair. Use a Detangling Brush to decrease breakage.
  • Use a hair mask for 30 minutes to lock in the moisture of the hair when washing it. I use Energy cosmetics Hot oil Treatment.
  • Brush your teeth before hand, so you don't waste water while waiting for it to get hot. Please tell me down below if you want me to do a teeth care routine blog. I use my trusty Oral-B toothbrush and my Colgate Total toothpaste. 
In the shower:

My shower routine is divided into two section, My hair and my body.



After shower:


Face and body:

That's my Shower routine, it took me a while to find my own and now this is what I do and it feels right. I only wash my hair every 4 days.

Please tell me down below if you like the format of this blog.


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