Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tech Gadgets Every Girl Should Know About

Hey guys,

At this age of information, the technology has evolved to a level where any job that required a room-sized computer will be done on your smart phone, which is crazy!!

I cont myself to be born in the age of information yet I had the chance to witness it all, I remember my father bought us a computer in 1997 that had huge case, monitor and everything, and now I can do most of my work on my phone or tablet.

So to go with the theme of contemporary technology, I give you some of the new tech gadgets that very girl should know about, they're fun, cute and very useful... I hope you will like them and consider buying them.

It's a Mini speaker for any audio source, with a cool character design that will give a size-defying sound. Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, and connect multiple speakers via the line-in jack.

  • Smart Phone Wallet case.

These wallet cases will make your life easier. How many times you went out and realized that you forgot your phone or your wallet, with these smart phone wallets you will never have to face this situation ever again, when your phone, debit card, credit card , ID card and cash are all in one place while on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime wallet case

  • Makeup USB Flash Drivers

Everyone needs a USB flash driver at all times, Why not have it in these cute, light weight and compact designs.

Portable chargers are a necessity of this age, with the big screen smart phone, you'll need an access to an electrical plug at all times, if not the portable charger is your friend. A compact mirror portable charger is amazing especially when it's rose gold.

If you are like me a cable wrecker, then why buy a plain cable when you can buy 2 in 1 Bracelet-cable charging cord, with pearls, bling and the whole glam.

A little expensive, but if you can afford it, why not buy a nice ring that will connect to your smart phone by Bluetooth, and notify you with 5 amazing colors and different notification ringtones, cute and very fashion forward.

When new age of technology, photo albums are only found on your PC, It would be amazing to be able to develop your photos at home cheap and easy.

Retro POP Handset for CellPhones 

The 90's are back with this retro classical handset, so cute and very Tumblr worthy.

Audio On-Ear Earmuffs

Listening to music while running in the winter time is harsh when the temperature is low, now you can enjoy your run while listening to your favorite music with these cute earmuffs.