Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family Gathering

Hey guys,

Summer is here, and what a nicer way to spend it than family quality time, I guess we're a lucky family where everyone can get along easily with each other, unlike other families where they have to put an extra effort to get along.

We have a lot in common, the youngster play together, the elderly talk to one another and a lot happens in between.

So my Mom and Dad hosted a family gathering at their home, and it was fabulous, I would love to share some of those moments that were captured with you.

I hope you'll enjoy them, and please don't forget to leave me a comment about your favorite family gathering game!!


  1. I have fun seeing your pictures!!
    Family is everthing for me.

    1. Thanks dear, I love family gatherings, I have a big family and not it's not all about roses there are some guns too and that why we love 'em.

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